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New Physics Tutor Helps Singapore Students Achieve Their Potential

Bright Physics Announces Tutor Services In Singapore

Physics Tuition in Singapore Grades are an important deciding factor on what many students will go on to do, both in and out of schooling. But in certain subjects, often those with a more mathematical core, many students find that their work doesn’t match up to their potential. In such cases, a student’s full potential can be unlocked through the use of a qualified tutor. Bright Physics has recently announced that they have new physics tutors who are trained to help motivate, encourage, and teach Singapore students. Physics tutors from Bright Physics are experienced, and provide the knowledge and experience needed for students to ace their physics exams. 

Bright Physics understands that motivated students can produce astounding results, and focuses on motivating each of their students to do their best, both in exams and in everyday life. Tutors with Bright Physics inspire their students with motivational stories and anecdotes, which help studying feel less stressful and go by faster. Tutors are hired based on their intellectual credentials and degrees, but also based on their ability to form positive relationships with all of their students so that their teachings will have the maximum impact. Thanks to their commitment to building these relationships between students and their teachers, Bright Physics sees many referrals from parents and other students. 

While Bright Physics offers one on one tutoring sessions for those who prefer, their most popular tutoring sessions are done in small groups for Sec 3-5 Physics, taught by Ms. Rowena, who has more than 10 years of experience helping students find their motivation. Ms. Rowena is known for her exciting and energetic lessons that engage her students, and her stimulating questions that set the minds of her students towards understanding tough concepts. Unlike other tutors who teach each of their students the same, Ms. Rowena takes the time to identify the limitations of each of her students in order to help them overcome those limitations and achieve a breakthrough. Her teaching style uses clear explanations, topic-by-topic summary, strategies to build on in order to obtain high grades, and a fun and lively atmosphere brimming with relevant games and riddles, all of which her students have attributed towards their improved grades. 

“Exam times can be particularly tough on the children,” explains Joel Liu, a spokesman for the company. “In our Physics Tuition classes at our Physics Tuition Centre, we provide students with secret and powerful, specially designed notes that can help give them an edge in their exams. We refer to these as our Secret Sauce notes, and they are sure to improve the Physics grades of our students. It doesn’t matter if you’re flat out failing or if you just want a little guidance in order to achieve A1, it’s important that you considering coming to some of our proven classes.” 

Bright Physics has recently announced their addition of a new physics tutor, Ms. Rowena, who has more than ten years of experience helping students achieve their true potential. Bright Physics sees proven results, thanks to their experienced tutors and their specially designed system of physics notes. The two together have proven a powerful method of motivating students and helping them to achieve their full potential in their physics exams. 


About the Company:

Bright Physics

201B Thomson Road Goldhill Centre

SG, Singapore 307637



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Looking For Help in O Levels?

Posted By on May 28, 2016

Students often struggle with the exams in Singapore. As the Ministry of Education adds more ways of testing students, they need to be more adept at answering exam questions. It is no longer sufficient to just memorise the textbook. They need to understand the concepts and then apply it to questions.

Bright Maths

Math is an especially tough subject in the O and A Levels syllabus. Unfortunately, there is no running away from this subject as it is a required and compulsory module. The Math Tutors at Bright Maths make it much easier for students. They explain tough concepts, make them practice questions and then summarise the lessons to make it understandable for students. This helps them a lot in their O or A Levels exams!

Chemistry Tuition

Bright Culture has been steadily gaining a reputation for having the best Chemistry Crash Courses in Singapore. They organise regular intensive crash courses that consists of 3 or 4 modules. These modules are hand picked by the chemistry tutors as they are difficult and often comes out for the exams.

Physics Tuition

Bright Physics is the latest kid on the block in the tuition scene in Singapore. The tuition scene is an extremely competitive industry in Singapore, with super tutors making at more than S$ 1 million each year. Bright Physics aim to differentiate themselves by having small group tuition with excellent, experienced and well qualified physics tutors.


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How to take a lesson and improve.

Colorado State University Best Teachers
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Choosing to take some golf lessons is simple enough. Any medium-size city has at least a lots certified instructors. However how do you discover the right teacher for the task? Lessons can cost $100 an hour, so it is essential that you make a good choice.

Most people start with 3 criteria– expense, reputation and convenience. Those are considerations, however secondary ones. These things must be most important to you:


1. Find a teacher whose personality matches you. Some people learn well by watching and aiming to copy. Others require a lot of hands-on interest. Some individuals desire an exact lesson plan, however others like something a little bit more relaxeded. It’s important to understand exactly what type of student you are, and to select an instructor who meshes with that design. I’m the very first to confess that my teaching style may not be best for everyone.

2. See that instructor frequently. By that I mean once every two or 3 weeks. It won’t do you much excellent to see a teacher one time, since you can’t follow up with concerns or fine-tune what you’re working on. The reverse is also true. I will not even give the most skilled members at my club more than one lesson every few weeks. You cannot absorb any more than that. I may see a tour gamer a couple of days in a row, however after that, I tell him to go deal with it and return in a month.

3. Prepare for a lesson by playing. When you have actually scheduled your very first lesson with an instructor, prepare for the lesson the right way, so you can get the most for your cash. How? Simple: Play a lot. Don’t go in trying to impress the instructor with how well you can swing. I wish to see what you perform in reality, so I can help you fix any issues and become a much better player. You likewise have to come with a certain objective– not something general like, “I want to be more consistent.” If you tell me you want to be a much better ball-striker, we’ll spend a great deal of time on the practice tee. If you inform me you wish to reduce your swing, however then we’ll beat a path to the short-game area.


1. Speak out. I’ve heard some trainers say, “Be quiet” to a student and anticipate to do all the talking. That’s wrong. You need to tell the teacher what you feel, so she or he can use that information to obtain a point throughout. A typical teaching error– and I combat it myself– is to get diarrhea of the mouth and talk without listening. It’s hard for the student to maintain, and you might carry on to the next thing too quickly.

2. Know your restrictions. Even trip gamers can’t soak up more than 3 “concepts” per lesson. That typically means an address-position modification, a swing correction and some sort of swing thought. If your teacher attempts to offer you more than that, speak up. Then, take those 3 things and practice them– seriously. If you get stuck, do not go scheduling another lesson for the next day. Get on the phone with your teacher and talk it over. You don’t need to go broke to get much better.

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Private Tuition – How Does It Operate in Ireland?

Moms and dads have a natural desire to help their student offspring to reach their complete capacity, especially at Leaving Cert.

Numerous parents choose to spend for tuition for their children and children for a variety of exceptional factors.

Classes in lots of schools and colleges are much bigger than the ideal. It is extremely challenging for lots of students to reach their optimal capacity in a class of 20-35. There might be a dispute between a specific students and a teacher, or possibly aid is just needed in a couple of areas.

Moms and dads have a choice between two kinds of personal tuition, Group Tuition and Individual Tuition

All the personal colleges in the bigger towns and cities run grinds classes. The teaching may be excellent, but you will be paying upwards of 15 euro for an hour in a group of 20-30 students. Great cash for the instructor, especially as most do not inform the Revenue about it either! These group classes are not the best way to help a student to attain a leading Leaving Cert grade.

Specific Tuition is of far more usage than Group Tuition. Your child will have one to one lessons with a teacher of your option. Lessons are generally in the tutor’s house and last for about one hour. Expect to pay over 20 euro for Individual Tuition.

Some subjects, such as Chemistry, Physics, Maths, French and Irish are in high demand and tutors for these topics are hard to discover in other methods.

A good tutor will be an experienced teacher who can interact successfully with your daughter or son. She or he will understand all the requirements of the Leaving Cert course, and, preferably will be a Department Corrector of those documents. Practice tests should be provided to the student more detailed to the end of the course.

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A lot of young physics students waste their time when they could be doing something useful with it. You’re looking for an appropriate thing you should spend your time on, I would suggest that you devote your free time to physics tuition for more than just one reason. In fact, here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to devote your time to physics tuition.

1. You Will Earn Some Money

The number one reason that you will definitely like, is the fact that physics tuition will allow you to earn a little bit more money, without actually having to work hard. Certainly, do not expect that money will come to you flying, but it’s much easier to tutor children and students than to work seasonal jobs, or wait tables in a restaurant.

2. You Will Keep Learning
keep-learningMoreover, if you start working as you tutor you will also keep learning as you tutor your students. Not only that it will be useful for you to revise your knowledge from time to time, but over time you will also be much more confident and you will be much more certain of your physics knowledge. No matter how experienced or knowledgeable you are, you must remember that unless you use your knowledge on a daily base at one point it will start deteriorating. In order for this not to happen, you must continuously use your knowledge, keep learning, and revise your knowledge over and over again. Tutoring students is an activity that will allow you to keep learning and keep working on yourself while at the same time helping someone else.
3. You Will Make A Difference
If you would like to make a difference in this world, what better way to do just that than to tutors someone. You will not realise this until you start tutoring students, but tutoring and teaching in general, really makes a difference in this world. Not only that you are working on yourself, and revising your knowledge, but you are also sculpting these young minds into something amazing and unique.
4. You Will Help A Kid Out
Tutoring-0111-e1453024444232Students sometimes have difficulties with the learning, and this can be rather stressful. In addition to making money and a different tutoring someone, you will also help someone in particular – your student. In addition to that, your enthusiasm can make all the difference and affect the view of physics in general. Some students simply have problems to connect with their teachers, and they believe that this is because they don’t like the subject. If you manage to show someone they are good at something, they will probably grow to love the subject you teach, or tutor.
5. You Will Feel Accomplished
Overall feeling that you get when you are tutoring physics is the sense of accomplishment. You feel satisfied that you are a student is better at the subject you help them with, you are aware that you’re making a difference, you are making a little bit money on the side without having to work too much for it – therefore, physics tutoring or even being a chemistry tutor is definitely worth your time!

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